Best Uses

How Do You Use Essie's South American Sauce?

Essie's with Fowl

Grill or bake on chicken, turkey, pheasant, game hens, or any type of fowl. Mix Essie’s with butter or margarine and liberally brush on throughout cooking.

Essie's with seafood

Bake or grill seafood. Mix Essie’s sauce, garlic, celery, butter, and onion. Marinate, then bake or grill.

Essie's on Beef

Fire up the grill. Marinate both sides of a ribeye, new york, beef brisket, hamburger, or any cut of beef, add cracked lampong pepper or spicy ground peppercorns, grill over medium hot coals to desired doneness (about 125°f on an instant reading thermometer for rare; for well — done), turning as needed. During the last few minutes of grilling, brush with additional sauce on both sides to glaze the sauce on the out of meat.

Essie's on Pork
Great on porkchops, porkloin roasts, any type of pork products. Marinate pork loin roast with garlic overnight in refridgerator. Heat convection oven to 490°f, rub olive oil on roast add a glaze of marinade, cook on 490° for 20 minutes to seal in moisture of meat, turn oven to low 300°f cook until done. Leaves your roast very tender and juicy with a wonderful flavor.


Fantastic in stir-fries, on tofu, meat loaf, hot dishes, soups, spaghetti sauce, stews, beans, chili, or rice. Add to all of your favorite dishes to add a unique and special flavor.

“Essie’s South American sauce is the best prepared sauce I’ve ever tasted.” - Sylvia Bashline, food editor, Field and Stream Magazine.

Kids love it.. not spicy, very flavorful

Shelf Life

Essie’s does not spoil. Does not need refrigeration (even after opening).


Soy sauce (gluten free), distilled vinegar, tomato paste, water, and spices.